Get To Know Trish – Zest’s Principal

Dullstroom Estate Agent,
Trish grew up on a farm in Zimbabwe and went to school there. She went back to Zimbabwe to get married, after qualifying for her degree at the Cape Town University. Together with her husband, they went through the Rhodesian terrorist war, but soon after their first child was born, they emigrated to South Africa, to a farm outside of Dullstroom.

In between raising three, wonderful children, they ran a trout processing factory on the farm for many years. They also built the “Owl & Oak Trading Post” on their farm, which was later converted to Dullstroom Country Cottages and offers weekend accommodation. Trish worked alongside her husband turning a very beautiful farm into what it is today.

Trish has been in Dullstroom for 35 years. Embarrassingly she still does not speak understandable Afrikaans. Her farm upbringing has given her a broad appreciation and knowledge of farming generally, so she can happily navigate the site visits to local farms.

Twelve years ago, together with two friends, she started Zest which has grown to dominate the Dullstroom market consistently for many years.
She is in the process of completing a yearlong Business Owner Development Programme run by Ieasa, that is specific to Estate Agencies. This and other courses reinforce her principles that honesty, integrity and commitment are key to being an estate agent. “Buying or selling a property has huge financial, practical and emotional implications and as an agent we owe both buyers and sellers the time and information to buy or sell wisely”.

Trish loves travelling and will take on any adventure. Here are a few snippets:
• They sailed across from the mainland Tanzania to Zanzibar in a dhou with a local, a four-hour trip with no apparent navigation tools. This was part of a six-week camping trip thru Africa.
• Boating along the Amazon River, climbing to the ice cap of Cotapaxi and canyoning the waterfalls of Banos.
• 5500 stair climb up to Adams Peak in Sri Lanka, to experience an amazing sunrise.
• White water rafting on the Kavanga River with friends and family.

With her extensive local knowledge, Trish will be sure to help with any property needs.
082 330 3503