There are businesses out there that are offering to connect a seller with a buyer, sometimes for less than 3% commission. This is nothing new but certainly begs the question – “are estate agents still relevant”

·         One of the key factors in procuring a buyer in a reasonable period of time is pricing the property right. To ascertain a reasonable sale price requires an in depth knowledge of the area generally, the past comparable sales in the area, the current listings and the buyer temperament.

·         Experience goes a long way towards know which marketing tools are most effective and the time and money spent implementing them is significant. A current and relevant data base of qualified buyers is invaluable and probably the most effective marketing tool but takes years to acquire.

·         The diversity of knowledge and experience that an agent has encompasses elements including the financial and legal implications and options in the transaction.

·         And very importantly, a comprehensive Sales Agreement document that caters for all eventualities and leaves no grey areas is crucial to a smooth transition from the offer to purchase to the actual transfer of the property.

·         By definition the two parties – the buyer and the sellers – are on diagonally opposite sides of the fence. So the role of the agent as a neutral, professional and experienced negotiator and mediator is indispensable.

The question becomes – can you afford NOT to benefit from the expertise of a property professional aka Estate agent, given that it is a million or even multimillion rand transaction and possibly the most important deal of your life that is involved?

Written by: Trish Kennedy – Property Consultant @ Zest Property Group, 082 330 3503, 013 254 0219,

Dullstroom Estate Agent,